Go Fund Me?

The idea is that we create accounts per area for money collected by people in that area to serve their local communities. 

Each donor selects 1 fundable local cause, or suggests the creation of a new local cause.

I’ll start with 5k, which is no small sum for me since I quit my job in 2018 to create the project that you can find at www.itwasjustanidea.com

A charitable donation that the government can’t touch or control, for any amount and any good reason.  

If this gets attention, then more detail will be developed around risks, mitigation’s, and specifications about how to execute this effectively. All financial details will be tracked in a spreadsheet and remain online. 

In 2010 I created a scholarship within the Institute of Marine Engineers here in Houston, TX, that effectively extracted money out of the institute, and donated it to needy students via programs organized by the University of Houston, and Texas A&M, so I know the mechanics of the work required. This endeavor is complicated by the number of people and charities involved, but with a back ground in engineering and programming, I see this as an issue of process, not trivial, but doable.

Depending on level of interest, a second option is to develop an app to handle a constant flow of charitable money into local communities. Working name Social Capital.

And a third option will to develop an app that enables people to list a need, and people to provide time. For example, a child needs an after school math teacher, and a teacher offers to donate their time. Working name Social Time.

All of these ideas require rigorous proposals, and if interest grows, and questions and comments are posed, work will be carried out to address here online if, or when, interest grows.

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