I was a typical self involved asshole that Fortune 500 companies love so much, working in pursuit of an illusive dream, exchanging my integrity for profit and prioritizing my job over relationships, until I fell off the validation wagon, and released myself from the spell, like many others today.

Somehow we get programmed with an idea that we are not good enough until we reach some level of whatever. And every-time we think we are going to reach it, something changes and we realize that there is another something else to do, another challenge, another hurdle, another hoop, another sacrifice.

Well, I’m one of the lucky ones, because I escaped and lived to tell the story, and I want to share it far and wide with anyone that will listen.

Everything we do, everything we think about, they are all just ideas. Some have proof, and some don’t, but the idea at the center is the one about ourself, and it is created during our childhood.

Here is the kicker though, it’s malleable, and you can align it with reality.

In fact, if you align all your ideas with reality, things get more interesting for you and anyone connected to you, especially if you can acquire endless patience.

This website, and robmartinwriter.com, are about these ideas, and if I haven’t covered an angle or it’s not resonating, then send me a message and let me know.

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